Warm Beige Sheen

by Mutton

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I can see it from a mile away Do I have to hear it or can I decline? This shit storm is coming I've given penance For what I know I've given penance For what I owe It's time to go But what would you know? Livid now, livid now, can I live it down? This very instance feeds off every essence Of all the reasons that want to run amok And I can't get one reason to give a fuck And it keeps on spouting from your hiss hiss Wanna shut your mouth fucking shut stitched Keeps on running but I don't know why I can't catch my breath And I don't know why I keep on trying
I'm sick of this culture, do you wanna trade? I want something more, I want someone to blame Pustules on pedestals proliferate with revelry If it walks & talks & sounds like a fuck It breeds the same I've got to figure it out Are you so skeptical or am I just immune? To the thoughtlessness and lies society puts us through Is the cure to ignore or actively pursue? I'd give some advice, but it's up to you It's not all just in my head
Skip work today Run and I may Find closure for this time Glare set the sun Strip and I'm done with the clothes on my back now Sit for right now And wonder how I will come full circle Trade oxygen Take space within Give all that I've taken Sharing regress Bliss in static Chaos progress Heat will trap us Welcome to the gates
Something's Missing I can't find the list of my to do not Guess I'll play it by ear Rumination of thoughts faded End transmission I've got to be free of misery When the postman comes forth to me I can't put my finger on it but I know Something has changed Not the same Remove the taste from my mouth
Free Lunch 03:45
... I can't wait One more day
Nice face, a new ground Ah, nostalgia trips He's lost what I've found Shooting straight from the hip Sing in spadeds, hew Fields fade, I know And I'll know it's right Climb outside Refracting time Winding vines up my legs The Ort belt I wade in Freedom mind you Pulled out of lieu Wood has no sound He's lost what I've found I've shaken my worst fears and made a new list My Window
I know when I'm with God I can not feel time You walk with a gait unmatched by... In the warm beige sheen
Mango 02:40
And we all take a piece but never give it back And we take what we want but never really have A bigger story we will never ever tell Reading words to myself on a steel bed I'm mean, It's a feeling Walking through the mango grove It's where I find, I find my om Where we all once belonged Living on the rivers edge ... The smallest details I cannot remember now Sinking ships in the dark behind a prison wall
In the midst of a jam laughing with the walls around me crashing Like a potluck while I'm fasting Raise an eyebrow while in passing I wonder what it is their asking Could it be of forces acting Stain me into these walls All intents shift through me If I find the will to move My feet stuck to this fucking ground I've got to get out of this house 'cause I know it's not good for me And if I find that I'm unable to move my feet It's not for lack of will Swallow my pride, pack up my bags and call it quits Hobble out on my knees in search of sleep Please don't mind this extra Lashing standing on the fence It's cracking life before my Eyes is flashing gone this Far without cracking now it Time the bags start packing My presence here it isn't lost in Falling down concrete burns With the smoke grating in energy drains from me This time is on full fade Toe the mark Facilitate And I know I'm off this ship
I'm standing on the front porch I'm having me a beer I'm breaking a cold sweat 'cause I'm thinking nothing's here There must be something to do Traversing open paths Swallow all our plans What to do? We will find out way Traversing open paths Breathing the dust down here in Mexico The border guards tell us we can't go home We sold our car, we won't see home again The sea serpent will swallow all our plans Finds its home right here We took the ship to orient but they had dropped the bomb so around the globe we went to the land of Portugal but we miss and land in France where the Germans soon appear then they haul us to jail as their new souvenirs then they choose me but not my friend to ride another boat back to my true homeland where I'll be the hero and teach them all I know Instead they string me up I guess I'm the scapegoat...in 12 days I will die My case should not stand It walks across the aisle Finds its home right here


Recorded with Trifecta mobile recording units at various locations in Colorado in 2005. All production & engineering by Mutton. Mastered by Chris Adolf & Mutton at "This heart plays records". Layout and artwork by Mutton. Photo by Anca Foster.


released August 27, 2005

Mutton is: Travis Steven, Victor Foster, Farrell Styers. Additional vocals on "Something's Missing" by Tony Trujillo; Percussion on "Eloquently Forgotten" by Marc Foster.




Mutton Denver, Colorado

Socialism has never been accepted as a sufficient political government. However, Mutton has adapted this political style into a smaller governing body, a three piece noise rock band.

Each member of Mutton spends equal time playing guitar, bass and drums. They rotate instruments every two songs. The rotations are six different musical set-ups, each with their own unique sound. Mutton is six band.
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